Why Choose a Bedouin Tent for Your Event?

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Why choose a Bedouin tent

Why Choose a Bedouin Tent for Your Event?

You name the size and type of event and we here at Tentickle South Africa can guarantee that we have the Bedouin Tent for you! Our Bedouin tents are manufactured using only the best stretch tent fabric and can be expanded to so that even the largest outdoor functions can be covered. All of our tents are available for both purchase and rental and provide one of the best special events environments in the world.

The Benefits of Bedouin Tents

Simply look at a Tentickle Bedouin Tent and you will straight away see that one of the most obvious benefits to using a Bedouin tent at an event is the way it looks. Every Bedouin tent has a curvy yet smooth look that cannot be replicated by any other tent type. It is unique, stylish and very, very elegant.

Bedouin tents are also extremely versatile! They can be erected almost anywhere, including slops and areas that are simply not suitable for Marquee or other tent types. They can also be extended or made smaller so as to provide ample cover for any size party or event.

A Bedouin tent will help keep the heat in during winter and will allow for the flowing of fresh air under the stretch fabric structure during summer! This is because the tent can be erected both with and without side coverings. In winter heaters can also be added to the inside of the tents as we manufacture our tents with some of the most advanced fire retardant stretch fabric in the world.

Tentickle Bedouin tents are also available in a range of colours and can be easily branded! This means that they are the perfect special events tent for product launches, sporting events and even corporate functions. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you brand your own events tents.

What are Bedouin Tents used for?

Bedouin tents are replacing Marquee tents as the most popular form of events tents. They can now be seen at wedding, product launches, sports events, charity events, music concerts, political rallies, corporate functions and even at people’s homes. They are also extremely popular in the hospitality industry where they are used as outdoor cover at pubs, bars and restaurants.

Find Out More About Bedouin Tents

Not yet convinced that a Bedouin tent is right for your special event? Then find out more about why you should use a Bedouin tent from one of our Bedouin tent hotline team on +27 21 593-6918 (office hours only).