Tailor made Stretch Tent Hire and Sales for Wedding Planners

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Tents Made Easy for Wedding Planners

For years we have been helping wedding planners with the perfect stretch tent solutions for their weddings.

We know that of all the event types, weddings are quite possibly one of the most challenging, so why not use our experience and advice to make your job a little easier by taking care of the Stretch Tents and Stretch Décor?

Our tents are perfect for wedding planners because:

  • We have a wide range of tents and décor
    Because of years in the industry, we have a extensive range of both stretch tents and décor ready to match any wedding theme. We have everything under one roof, minimizing the amount of run around time.
  • Our tents are safe
    Our stretch fabrics are fire retardant and weatherproof. If you’re familiar with Cape Point, you’ll know that 60km/h winds are not unheard of. Our tents were pitched there for several months.
  • Our tents are quick easy to pitch
    Stretch tents are quick and easy to set up. Depending on its size, our tent pitchers can put up a tents within a few hours. In fact they are so easy that we can train you to put up your own stretch tents with no difficulty.
  • Our tents are cost effective
    Stretch tents are far more cost effective than traditional marquees, and many successful wedding planners purchase their own stretch tents to increase profits and be more independant. That said, hire is the way to go when you are operating with a smaller team or for larger or multiple weddings during peak season.
  • We are always here to help
    Tentickle tents are here to make your life easier, We are happy to help with advice, tips and tricks, even décor and coordination ideas.

Read more about these and other facts about our stretch tents and stretch décor below:

Wide Range of Stretch Tents and Stretch Décor

Because of our years in the industry, we have built up a massive catalogue of stretch tents and stretch décor in a wide variety of styles and colours. If you or your client can imagine it, there is a good chance that we already have it in our range! We also stock a wide range of indoor stretch fabrics to create low ceilings or drapings without the need for additional poles.

If you want to buy signature tents or stretch décor for your weddings, we are excited to sit down together with you and our designers and create that unique stretch tent or stretch décor that will make your weddings stand out. Why not create a signature range of stretch tents for your weddings?

In addition to our wide catalogue of stretch tent sizes and styles, we have a full range of stretch décor to transform a simple wedding tent into exactly what your and the bride have envisaged. Why not transform treed venues, DJ booths, or photo areas into unique and magical wedding features that’ll take your guests’ breath away?

Take a look through our wedding tent gallery for some ideas.

Transform Your Wedding with the Right Light

One of the best things about stretch tents is the ease in which they can be transformed with lighting. With the right lighting, you can create completely different moods and themes to suit the time of day or aspect of the wedding. Go from an elegant white wedding service to thumping club vibe with a simple flick of a switch!

Use intelligent lighting shades on the tents surface to complement the tent’s colours, or project images or video above the wedding table or once the party livens up. Why not use focused spotlights to draw your guests attention to the wedding party while they cut the cake, toss the bouquet or any other focal point. We can assist you with lighting and ideas so that you and your clients get the most spectacular effects from your stretch tent.

The options are endless!

Our Stretch Tents are Safe and Weatherproof

We have the only fire retardant and weatherproof organic 3-ply stretch fabric in the world. This means that all of our stretch tents and stretch décor are safe to use in virtually any environment and that you needn’t worry about weddings that need candles, chandeliers or gas heaters at winter weddings.

What’s more is that our fabrics are 100% waterproof so you don’t need to have a backup venue should the weather turn on you – just wheel in the heaters and continue as planned!

Quick to Pitch

Our stretch tents are simple and quick to pitch. We have teams that are trained at setting up tents in any environment, and we’ll do it quickly and on time, so you can forget about the tents and focus on other important things.

Or, if you have your own range of stretch tents, we can train you to set them up with ease. Our tents fold up easily and most of the standard sizes are compact enough to fit into your vehicle with the poles on a roof rack.

Stretch Tents are Cost Effective and Affordable

We have taken the guess work out of working out what size tents are needed and what they’ll cost. If you want to hire a stretch tent use our handy web form and let us do the work for you!

Check it out here and let us calculate your tent size.

Or why not purchase your own stretch tents? Don’t worry about getting your starter tent being too small, we have developed unique guttering systems so that you can combine tents to create bigger areas or a unique layered effect as you need.

We are Here to Support You

We want to work together with you to make your role easier as wedding co-ordinator.

At Tentickle Tents we strive to work together with our clients and build ongoing relationships with them. Our tent experts are always willing to sit down and work with you and your clients to ensure that your job goes smoothly and your clients get more than they were expecting.

We appreciate there is a lot to think about on the wedding day. Why not use our experienced team to help you create your client’s dream wedding venue. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you and helping with somebody’s dream wedding a reality.