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Tentickle Tents stocks a wide array of stretch tent colours that have been tailored with every type of occasion in mind.

Stretch Tent Colours to Complement Every Occasion

Stretch tent colours are more than a mere aesthetic consideration, although that of course plays a vital role in the selection of a suitable tent hue as well. At Tentickle, we’ve developed a range of tents that are adaptable to various locations and events, which includes a multi-faceted colour palette.

A lot of our clients have a tough time deciding on the ideal tent colour for their purposes, so we thought we’d share a little insight on palette options we’ve gained over the years. Naturally, each client and their needs differ, but these are general observations that might make it easier to select the colour in which you’d like to purchase your preferred Tentickle tent.

A red stretch tent creates a vibrant atmosphere

Besides being the brand colour of choice for a lot of important companies, red is also one of those strong hues that immediately lends a feeling of energy and vibrancy to any occasion. Our red tents are popular with businesses that want to stand out and make a statement. For instance, just imagine what an eye-popping addition it would be to the outside of a restaurant during season time.

A blue stretch tent cools things down

All of our tents offer excellent UV cover in even the most harsh environments, but a blue stretch tent has the added benefit of providing an emotive level of ‘coolness’. The colour blue is associated with colder temperatures, so our brains are wired to ‘read’ it as such. Therefore, an event that takes place under a blue tent is more likely to be perceived at a comfortable ambient temperature.

A black stretch tent add a hint of sophistication

Sleek, stylish occasions call for sophisticated trimmings. Our black tents truly make the most of the clean lines of the Tentickle range and immediately lends a debonair, cosmopolitan feel to upmarket events like product launches, etc.

A pink stretch tent creates an inviting ambience

Pink tents are an excellent choice if you want to create a carefree, inviting ambience where people from all walks of life will feel comfortable. It is particularly popular with brands and businesses that appeal to a female-centric demographic and can also provide a very photo-friendly backdrop for occasions like weddings.

A chino stretch tent is excellent for natural environment

If you’re hosting an event or installing a permanent tent fixture in a scenic environment where you don’t want to detract from the natural beauty of your surroundings, a chino stretch tent is a great option. It merges seamlessly with any natural environment.

A beige stretch tent is an excellent neutral backdrop

Going for neutral? Opt for a beige tent that can be dressed up or down according to your needs. This impartial hue goes with just about anything and can be used for countless purposes.

For more information on your palette options when you choose a Tentickle tent, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives. We’re more than happy to walk you through your stretch tent colour options and assist you in selection the option that best suit your requirements.