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Wedding tables under a Tentickle tent

Stretch Tent Sizes - You Dream It, We’ll Cover It!

Here at Tentickle Stretch Tents we manufacture, sell and rent out some of the most versatile Bedouin inspired modular events tents in South Africa. Because of this we can provide stretch tent sizes that range from small intimate affairs, to massive international outdoor events. There is literally no event size we’ve encountered that we’ve not been able to cover! Everything from 50 person tents to tents designed to cater for thousands of people have been supplied by us.

1 Tent, Many Stretch Tent Sizes

All of our Tentickle stretch tents are modular in design, which means that we can join together an almost limitless number of tents together to create larger outdoor structures than ever before. These events tents are completely waterproof thanks to our innovative waterproof joint systems, which means that a Tentickle tent is also a all year round tent. To date we have already supplied and set up wedding tents, conference tents, concert tents, festival tents and private function tents that have been used to host large groups of people, including:

  • A tent for a 100 people
  • 20 person tent
  • 50 person tent
  • 30 person tent
  • 150 person tent

Popular Stretch Tent Sizes

Some typical special events tent sizes that we have provided over the years include, but are by no means limited to the following popular stretch tent sizes:

20' x 40' Tent: This type of tent is often used to accommodate 100 seated people in a theater style (rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle). However, it can also be used to entertain 64 seated visitors who are situated around round tables of 8.

30' x 60' Tent: This is probably one of the most popular stretch tent sizes for larger events, and it can be used to accommodate 225 visitors who are seated in theater style. Alternatively 144 people seated at round tables of 8 can also be accommodated. From time to time we have also used to size tent to seat 180 people in rows of 8' at banquet tables.

40' x 60' Tent: Used to accommodate 120 people seated at round tables of 8, this tent is also big enough in size to accommodate an additional buffet area, bar, cake table and even a dance floor.

Calculate the Stretch Tent Size You’ll Need!

Our modular stretch tents can be used to create stretch tents of almost any capacity thanks to a range of rigging options that offer truly versatile tent designs. But before this happens, we’ll need to calculate the correct tent size that you’ll need for your event. To do this, please use our events tent size calculator on this site. Not only will this help ensure that you get the most perfectly suited tent for your needs, but it will allow you to save money by not over or under providing outdoor covered spaces at your special event.

Alternatively, you can can take a look at our tent sizing breakdown below if you would like to calculate your own tent size. For your convenience we have not only included the sizings in meters, but in feet as well. Additionally, we have include size comparison charts for our most popular tent types, classic stretch tents, compact stretch tents and safari tents.

Please Note! If you cannot find the right size tent on any of these tables, then we can make one up to order for you.

How are you looking for your tent size?

Size in Feet Size in Metres (Approx)
10 by 20 tent 3 x 6 m
10 x 20 tent 3 x 6 m
10 x 30 party tent 3 x 9 m
10 x 30 tent 3 x 9 m
20 by 40 tent 6 x 12 m
20 x 20 tent 6 x 6 m
20 x 30 tent 6 x 9 m
20 x 40 tent 6 x 12 m
20 x30 tent 6 x 9 m
30 x 30 tent 9 x 9 m
30 x 40 tent 9 x 12 m
30 x 50 tent 9 x 15 m
40 x 40 tent 12 x 12 m
40 x 60 tent 12 x 18 m

Classic Stretch Tents

In Metres In Feet
5 x 6 m 16.5 x 20 ft
10 x 7.5 m 33 x 25 ft
10 x 12 m 33 x 40 ft
12 x 15 m 40 x 50 ft
12 x 18 m 40 x 60 ft
15 x 20 m 50 x 66 ft
18 x 25 m 60 x 83 ft
18 x 30 m 83 x 98.5 ft

Compact Stretch Tents

In Metres In Feet
4 x 5 m 13 x 16.5 ft
6 x 5 m 20 x 13 ft
6 x 9 m 20 x 29.5 ft
10 x 7.5 m 33 x 25 ft

Go to our Compact Stretch Tents if you would like to learn more!

Safari Tents

In Square Metres In Square Feet
87.4 m2 941 ft2
120 m2 1292 ft2

See our Safari Tents page if you would like more information about this popular type of tent.

Contact Us About Stretch tent Sizes

If you would prefer to contact us to discuss your stretch tent sizes needs, then please contact us via phone, email or fax at our Tentickle Tents Offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.