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Stretch Tent Sidewalls, All-year Usability

Tentickle Tents were designed to be pitched as an open canopy and with the sides flat on the ground but for additional control and adaptation, we offer sidewalls for all our tents for sale and rent. The sidewalls are made from the same high-quality material and can change the environment of your space without losing any of it. Sidewalls increase the usability and versatility of our stretch tents all-year round.

Stretch Tent Sidewalls

Sidewalls Easy to Install & Made to Last

We’ve always been proud at the ease and speed in which our tents can be set up. Our stretch tent sidewalls are no different. They are made from the very same premium-grade UV resistant and fire retardant organic fabric as our tents. They are available in the 100% waterproof fabric varieties, TentFlex FR and Durastretch Lightweight FR, meaning they are flexible, durable and easy to attach to any of our tents.

Additional anchor patch hook and loop fasteners have been welded onto our tents for added strength, to make sure our sidewalls stay in position through even the most stormiest of days.

Functionality without Loss of Space

Sidewalls give our stretch tents even greater functionality without losing valuable floor space. Depending on how the tent is pitched, when the edges are indeed pulled flush to the ground, it results in 10% - 15% of the space being lost.

You can however compensate for this loss by buying or hiring a larger tent but where you have a restriction on space (for instance, a small courtyard or exhibition space), a larger tent may not be an option.

Even if you have bought or hired a large enough tent, having an open canopy-style and then deciding to drop the sides due to perhaps unforeseen location, environmental or weather conditions means adjusting the position of the poles, changing the structure of the tent. You would have to move features, furniture or guests who occupy the edges.

Our sidewalls are attached with the simple but incredibly strong hook and loop fastening patches. You won’t lose usable space nor will need to change the interior, seating arrangements or lighting to accommodate the sidewalls. Our sidewalls allow you to stay compact but still hide an unsightly area or get protection from inclement weather.

Tentickle Bedouin Tent Sidewalls

Change, Restrict or Protect Your Space

Our stretch tent sidewalls are particularly useful when you or a client need to restrict access. Entryways can be created to control the flow of people entering (or exiting). It can hide areas that are off-limits to guests such as catering areas or enclose perhaps ill-favoured, yet completely necessary, areas such as ablutions and portable lavatories.

Tentickle Tent sidewalls can also be used to protect stock, goods and equipment from easy access leading to theft and tampering. This is useful during staged events, conferences, expos and exhibitions, especially when peoples backs are facing their valuables.

Sidewall Sizes & Custom Design

When you choose to include sidewalls, the stretch tent has to be pitched very differently than if you were to set it up normally. The "Side Walls Instruction Manual" (available by the end of March) will illustrate the specific manner in which the tent has to be pitched for the sidewalls to be effective and safely secured.

The most common panels will be available in lengths of 10m, 15m and 20m. The panels can however be ordered as stand-alone full-length pieces or split into sections. Splitting panels can be used to create the entrances to control access.

Custom-fit sidewalls can be designed if you require panels that are outside the standard parameters. This requires two test pitches, one to measure the pattern to produce the sidewall/s and a second to confirm that it fits properly. Finally, an instruction manual will need to be made as per the custom design.

Please don’t hesitate to enquire,our consultants are happy to give you further information and advice about our standard and custom-fit stretch tent sidewalls available now from Tentickle Tents.