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Durable Accessories for Stretch Tents

Tentickle SA is a pioneer in versatile stretch tent designs which is facilitated by our growing list of top quality stretch tent accessories. These accessories enable our team to set up and pitch the stretch tents in an easy and safe manner while never skimping on aesthetics.

Get the Best out of your Event with a Stretch Tent Accessory

Our experienced team of riggers is well placed to give you advice on the best stretch tent accessories for your purposes including which accessories to use for different types of events or terrains. Feel free to get in touch with our sales team or browse down the options below for more information.

Metal Pole Grips

These metal pole grips provide extra grip and power to help small crews move large tight poles into the correct position.

Metal Pole Stands

These are recommended as an additional safety feature when rigging big structures. Coupled with sandbag weights, these metal pole stands hold the centre poles in place during bad weather.

Swivel Feet

These swivel feet are extremely useful when positioning poles at a distance from the tent edge, for example for stage set ups. They provide 360 degree rotation and a solid base for entrance poles.

Wooden Poles

Wooden poles are perfect for a cosy and rustic ambience and are carefully selected and treated for maximum effect on any of our stretch tents.

Mushroom Heads for Wooden Poles

These are specially made for our wooden poles and come in large and medium options.

Carabiner Snap Hooks

You have the option of galvanised or stainless steel carabiner snap hooks in various sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. They allow for quick and easy rigging and work seamlessly with our tents. An additional benefit is that they prolong the life of the tension ropes and loops.

Braided Polyester Ropes

We offer marine quality high tension braided polyester ropes with available options in 5mm, 7mmm and 13mm. Breaking points: 7mm - 900 kg; 13mm - 3 tons.

Aluminum Poles

Coming in various lengths, aluminium poles are available in from 1m up to 6m. Available diameter options are 50mm, 63mm and 76 mm. You have the choice of anodised or non-anodised poles with either a 1.6 mm (thin) or a 3.2 mm (thick) wall.

Rubber Mushroom Heads for Aluminum Poles

Our customised anti-slip moulded rubber mushroom heads were designed to increase the lifetime of your tent textiles. Available options include medium to fit 50mm and 63mm poles and large to fit 63mm and 76mm poles.

Rubber Toe Caps

Our customised moulded rubber toe caps are designed to protect pole bottoms, delicate floor surfaces and to prevent poles from slipping. Available options are 50mm, 63mm and 76mm.

Galvanised Metal Pole Top Caps

Creating a solid stylish anchor, our customised removable galvanised metal pole toe caps fit both metal and wooden poles.

Material Peg Covers

These peg covers work well to protect guest from accidentally injuring themselves on stretch tent pegs. Choose from different colours to perfectly match your tent.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are used to put over the tents to secure and stabilise them in strong winds. Available options are 9m and 18m lengths with a ratchet mechanism.

Ratchet Straps Covers

Working to cushion the strap and prevent any damage from chafing, the sleeve protects the tent- especially in unfavourable conditions. Choose from various colours to match your tent and provide a smart appearance.

PVC Tent Bag

These tent bags are available in different sizes and colours to allow your tent to fit perfectly inside one.

Protective Transport Bag

These are mainly used when shipping the stretch tents to protect them against damage in transit.

Centre Pole Jack

One person can raise the height of the centre pole an extra 1.8m when using a centre pole jack.

Gutter System

Our specially designed gutter system allows tents to be joined together with a waterproof join to create a gutter system for the entire set up. Choose gutters in various sizes and colours to suit your stretch tent.

Vinyl Sandbag Weight Holders

Manufactured to hold sandbag weights to create a solid anchor for setting up without a peg. Vinyl Sandbag Weight Holders are available in various colours.

Aluminium Pole Socks

Our aluminium pole socks are available in a range of colours for a decorative effect or to match your existing tent or decor.

Metal Tent Pegs

Metal tent pegs come with tension rope hooks and are available in the following sizes: 1m x 25mm; 80cm x 25mm; 50cm x 25mm; 40cm x 12mm.

Rubber Peg Tops

These protective rubber peg tops help to prevent injuries on sharp peg edges. Colour and size options are black and white, small and large.

Full Accessories Kit for 15m x 12m


  • 5 tent pole bags
  • 3 pole connector bags
  • 3 mushroom head bags
  • 1 bag for pole tops and bottoms

The entire kit can fit into a small vehicle.

Closed Tent Pole Bag

This tent pole bag with handle and shoulder strap is easily transportable.

50mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 8 x 1.5m (50mm diameter) aluminum poles.

63mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 6 x 1.5m (63mm diameter) aluminum poles.

76mm Pole Bag

This pole bag holds 3 x 1.5 and 1 x 1m (76mm diameter) aluminum segment poles. All pole bags roll up easily for transportation.

Aluminum Pole Connectors

Available in sizes to fit 50mm, 63mm and 76 diameter poles, these are precision-machined aluminum pole connectors.

Pole Connector Bags

Each bag contains either 6 or 8 connectors (depending on size) and are used for easy transportation and safe storage.

Pole Connector Bag 63mm & 76mm

Pole connector bag fitting 6 connectors and available for 63mm and 76mm connectors.

Pole Connector Bag 50mm

Pole connector bag fitting 8 connectors for 50mm pole connectors.

Pole Tops and Bottoms Bag

These are useful for storing all of your small loose accessories such as pole top and bottom caps.

Large Mushroom Heads Bag

These bags hold 2 large mushroom heads (76mm diameter) for clean and safe storage and easy transportation.

Medium Mushroom Heads Bag

These bags hold 5 medium mushroom heads (50mm or 63mm diameter) for clean and safe storage and easy transportation.

Aluminum Wall Profile and Rope Feature

This is used to fix the tent side to a building, beam or wall and so provides a waterproof join without gaps.

Before choosing your accessories, you’ll have the option of various water resistant and fire retardant stretch tent materials. Feel free to contact us for more information on our stretch tent accessories.