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Restaurants, cafeterias, fast food joints, pubs, bars and even open air food vendors are often on the lookout for affordable ways to increase floor space, and now thanks to our Tentickle Stretch Tents the search for the best Restaurant Tents is over! Designed and manufactured in South Africa, these tents are as durable as they are beautiful, and add a stylish air to any eatery, while also providing both a portable and semi-permanent affordable tent option that is perfect for protecting customers from even the harshest of African weather.

The Benefits of a Tentickle Restaurant Tent

The go anywhere, use anytime Restaurant Tent that is a cost effective way of increasing floor space is a great looking addition to to any eating establishment and has many benefits to offer the prospective user. These include:

  • The ability to both Rent a Restaurant Tent or Purchase a Restaurant Tent - Either way the choice is yours!
  • A tent that is manufactured from a specially formulated Tentickle tent fabric that is waterproof, UV protected and fire retardant - In other words, perfect for all types of SA weather!
  • A structure where PTFE thread is used to increase longevity of high-tensile areas on semi-permanent installations* . Thread is guaranteed for 25 years. (*excludes non-TentFlex fabric tents)
  • A versatility factor that is second to none, as our Restaurant tents can be pitched on almost any terrain, attached to almost any building, and can be expanded or made smaller as per the specific needs of the venue - Also commonly known as the perfect tent for any eatery looking to expand its table space!
  • Fans, heaters and even smoking areas can be set up inside our Restaurant Tents - This is because the fabric used to manufacture our tents conforms to the most stringent of international safety standards!

More to a Our Restaurant Tents than Meet the Eye!

We’ve already talked benefits, but what about the features of our marvelous Restaurant Tents? No longer do you need to lose additional trade in your restaurant because of the lack of covered floor space, because our tents will always have you covered thanks to:

  • Numerous stylish tent looks and shapes that have been inspired by the Bedouin tents of North Africa - And they are available in various colours to boot!
  • Removable tent sidewalls that make the tent cool in summer and warm in winter - Seasonal weather changes will not impact on the comfort of your guests!
  • The ability to “try before you “buy” (or rent) using our unique 3D Tent Preview Service - That allows you to see for yourself just how big a difference one of our tent will make to your business before you spend a cent!

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