Increase Your Outdoor Seating Capacity with Stretch Tents

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Outside Space
Outside Space

Increase Your Outdoor Areas
Maximize Revenue and Profit

Restaurants and venues that operate an outside seating area not only gain additional seating capacity, but the amount of happy customers increases significantly in milder seasons. These additional happy customers can see restaurant and venue revenue increase dramatically and boosting profits.

However often these outdoor spaces can only be utilized seasonally as wind, rain and extreme temperatures drive customers inside.

Make Your Outdoor Venue Season Proof and Increase Seating Capacity

While South African weather is generally milder than our Northern Hemisphere counterparts, inclement weather will reduce the usability of outdoor seating areas. While investing in expensive solid roofing for your outdoor areas will protect your guests during winter, your seating area loses its outdoor charm and vibe in summer.

The perfect hybrid solution is Tentickle’s Stretch Tents’ range of custom designed semi permanent stretch tents that not only increase the capacity but also your seasonal usage of outdoor entertainment areas. Our semi permanent stretch tent structures can be pitched quickly and efficiently when you need it for as long as you need it. Depending on the size of your outdoor stretch tent covering, it can be pitched or removed quickly allowing you to take advantage of a sudden sunny week in the middle of winter or protect your clients from the harsh sun during a summer heat wave.

We have spent years researching and developing our unique stretch fabric and rigging systems to ensure that you get only the best quality stretch tent fabric, designs and structures to cover your venue. Tentickle’s stretch fabric is not only waterproof, but it is also fire retardant meaning that you are not only increasing your outdoor entertainment size, but you are also protecting your guests. Let’s not forget to mention that the outer-roofing of all semi-permanent structures constructed from our renowned TentFlex fabric are stitched with a PTFE thread with a 25 year lifetime guarantee!

Light up the Night

Our stretch tents offer a synthesis of good looks and functionality. They are not only aesthetically pleasing and trendy, but they can be lit up with a wide assortment of lighting options from data projectors to fairy lights to complete intelligent lighting systems that will transform the look and feel of your stretch tent cover with the flick of a switch.

Custom Venue Tents and Covers

Tentickle Stretch Tents not only has a wide range of existing tent structures and designs available, but we are also experts at creating custom stretch tent structures to fit any venue no matter the size or shape. We also create unique printed tents to help increase your venue’s branding.

Looking for some unique stretch decor? Look no further! Our team of designers are constantly creating brand new and unique stretch tent decor to increase your venue’s atmosphere, appeal and create that WOW factor that will make your venue stand out and be remembered!

See How a Stretch Tent Will Benefit Your Venue

Take a closer look at some of these restaurants and venues that utilize Tentickle Stretch Tents to cover their patio seating areas and see for yourself how a stretch tent cover can increase your outdoor venue capacity.

Contact Tentickle Stretch Tents or visit our tent sales page and we’ll help you maximize the usability of your outdoor venue areas.