How to Host a Special Event

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How to Host a Special Event

Top Tips for Hosting a Special Event

With years of experience in both personal and corporate eventing behind us, we understand the stress and meticulous planning that goes into every event, be it a small engagement party or a large scale trade show. We have worked with some of the best event planners in the world and in order to ensure that your hosting skills are the talk of the town, we have put together some great tips and tricks to planning your event that will have your guests and hopefully even the media singing your praises.

How to Host Weddings and Engagements

Planning a wedding requires meticulous detail, plenty of research and of course some luck with the weather. After the engagement and the planning process becomes a reality, the task may seem overwhelming. Finding dresses and suits are obvious requirements, but often small details get overlooked.

Hosting a wedding

Ask yourself the following questions and write down in detail what is required and what your preferences are:

  • How big or intimate do you want it to be?
  • Will guests be arriving from out of town?
  • Is there accommodation at or close to the venue for guests?
  • Where will the bride and groom be staying the night before?
  • Will it be a day or evening ceremony?
  • How will guests get to and from the church to the venue (if they are separate)?
  • Would you like your ceremony and reception inside or outside?
  • Does the venue provide décor for both inside or outside options?
  • Is there on-site catering?

Of course the weather is not always compliant regardless of the time of year and there is always the fact that a summer wedding in Cape Town may mean battling strong unpredictable south-easter winds, or the baking heat and then late afternoon thunderstorm in Johannesburg or Kwa-Zulu Natal. If you have your heart set on an outside venue and don’t want to risk a weather disaster, then consider the option of a beautifully decorated tent to put your mind at ease and still have the best of both an indoor and outdoor wedding.

How to Host Festivals and Wine Tasting Events

Hosting an outdoor event like a music festival or wine tasting offers a wonderful opportunity to combine creativity with a touch of sophistication. As these are often outdoor daytime events that are hosted in wide open spaces, the challenge is to create a festive atmosphere without the help of lighting and décor.

Hosting festivals and wine tasting events

Pitching Bedouin style tents for events such as these offer respite from any type of weather, be it summer heat or winter rain, and will encourage people to venture out of the comfort of their homes and stay longer. This also creates a great way to compartmentalise certain aspects of the events for example a wine tasting area and a food area as well as a comfortable seating area which helps alleviate congestion. It also allows for a wider scope for creative branding solutions and décor.

How to Host an Exhibition

Hosting an exhibition

The most important part of hosting an exhibition is the location. The stars of these types of shows is the artwork or artefact on display. For this reason the manner in which they are displayed and the area surrounding them is equally as important as this serves as the “platter on which they will be served”! The area needs to be large enough to display each piece individually without immediate or obvious distractions from other pieces. Foot traffic needs to flow easily in order to not distract from the ambience that the artist is trying to create. People who wish to linger will naturally gravitate towards areas that seem conducive to conversation and socialising. It is also a good idea to have a separate space for snack and drinks; make this a comfortable area perhaps with a few cocktail tables for people to stay and chat to the artist and each other without blocking the flow or view of the artworks.

How to Host Trade Shows and Corporate Shows

Trade and corporate shows are important for successful networking opportunities, so choosing a venue and creating perfect space for this type of event is imperative in order to maintain a good standing within the industry. Often there is a lot of foot traffic, so the area has to be large enough to ensure that people are able to move easily between exhibitors or display items as well as be able to linger at interest spots.

Hosting corporate events

If the event is an expo then there will be a lot of space taken up by each exhibitor which will need to include not only their display but often large pieces of branding as well. Keep in mind that each exhibitor will have stands of varying sizes. Fitting them in without cramping the area or having too many wide open space will require a detailed floor plan.

Also try to anticipate flow ‘hotspots’ and avoid bottlenecking of visitors by blocking these areas with branding. When planning such an event try and keep an even flow of traffic by separating exhibition areas. Consider a resting area where there is food or drinks on offer and a place to sit outside or away from the main exhibition area, as this will reduce noise levels as well as avoid food smells and congestion.

How to Host Sporting Events

Sporting events may seem like the most fun event to organise, but it may be the one event that has the most elements to consider. Whether you are hosting a small club or school event or a huge sponsored event with big sport celebs, there will still be players, coaches, spectators and officials to consider.

Hosting sporting events

With club and school events, the venue is usually taken care of, but meticulous detail needs to go into bigger events where each team or participant may have very specific accommodation, dietary and training requirements. It may be tempting to provide a one size-fits-all event, but you will find yourself dealing with complaints over praise for your hard work.

The first thing you should do is make a list of what each team will require for the duration of the event and send it to them for completion. This should be done as far in advance as possible. As most sporting events are held outdoors, another important factor to consider is obviously the weather. Creating an environment that is comfortable, that offers shade from the sun and shelter from the rain for both players and spectators, which can also double as branding spaces for sponsorships, will go a long way in hosting a successful sporting event.

Planning or hosting an event can be a lot of fun with excellent forward thinking and a detailed daily plan leading up to it. Remember the two biggest disasters are suppliers not delivering and the weather not complying. So with this in mind, check every single detail with all of your suppliers daily leading up to your event, also make sure that you have enough staff to help with parking arrangements and catering and always have a back-up plan for outdoor events in case of inclement weather.

A tent can be placed anywhere and is suitable for any type of event, enhancing the ambience and theme. If you’re interested in hiring a stretch tent for your special event, why not browse through our photo gallery for incredible ideas!