Should You Buy or Hire a Gazebo, Marquee or a Stretch Tent?

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Wedding tables under a Tentickle tent

Gazebo, Marquee or a Stretch Tent?

With so many different options to choose from for you event, it is not always easy to decide which one you should choose.

We’ve taken a look at the top three choices and highlighted their benefits and weaknesses.


Normally only measuring a few meters across, Gazebos are synonymous with back yards or small garden parties. Even several gazebos are linked together, their small frame designs creates uncomfortable small spaces and many people complain that this leads to a claustrophobic feeling.

Can be decorated well to make them more attractive, and are perfect for creating small intimate dinners or focal points. However, because of their weaker frames and design, they are not suitable for wind or rain. Even if the gazebo has sides and they are down, the humidity from several people in close proximity can make the atmosphere very uncomfortable.

Verdict: Great for small events or a small garden dinner party, If you are looking for disposable branding, i.e unique and once off events, they are cheaper to brand.


Virtually, synonymous with circus tents, Marquee tents are the traditional solution for tented events. However, they are limited to a square or rectangular shape. And while they are much larger than gazebos, they still have a similar look and feel to them.

Colours are often limited to white or the traditional circus colours. While they can be lit very effectively, they are rarely visually appealing and often fail to create any atmosphere for the guests. Because of their solid steel frame design they withstand the wind and rain better than a gazebo, but need to be pitched on a flat surface.

Verdict: Great for circus, product launches or political rallies. Rarely branded.

Stretch Tents:

Inspired by the tent designs of North Africa, these tents are far more versatile than gazebos and marquees. Unlike the marquee, these tents can be any shape, colour or design, and no not need to have a flat surface to pitch on.

Because of their visual appeal, they are exceptionally popular with the festival and wedding event planners. Thanks to a unique range of stretch fabric decor and effective smart lighting effects, these tents always look unique. Because they can be linked with a specially designed guttering system and even layered, these tents can can accommodate thousands of people with ease and still have plenty of space for a dance floor.

These tents are both fire retardant and waterproof, and with their high ceilings, they never feel claustrophobic.

Verdict: Perfect for weddings and events where visual impact and eye catching tents are desired. Great for long term branding exercises.

Take a look at our galleries for examples of the versatility of Tentickle Stretch Tents.

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