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Fire Retardant Stretch Tent Fabric

“Many of our competitors said that it would be impossible to create an organic fire retardant tent fabric, but we are happy to announce that we have done the impossible! Ladies and gentlemen I present you with our latest innovation, the Tentickle Fire Retardant Tent Fabric!”

Marco Slunder
Managing Director Tentickle Bedouin Tents & Canopies At the Fire Retardant Tent Fabric Launch in May 2012

Tentickle Tent Technology

Over the past few years Tentickle Bedouin Tents has invested in the improvement of modern tent and tent fabric technology. Because of this their vision for the future has now become a reality and they stand at the forefront of modern tent fabric development. Thanks to this they are now able to provide clients with not only the best special events tents in the country, but also the safest events tents as well.

The benefits of using our Fire Retardant Tent Fabric include:

  • The tent fabrics are both durable and fire retardant
  • The tent fabric gives you almost unlimited tent usage
  • The tent fabric has an “organic textiles” look
  • The tent fabric is perfectly suited to the events industry
  • The tent fabric is 100% Waterproof
  • The tent fabric is a low volume fabric and takes up very little storage space
  • The tent fabric is available in natural white, light grey, beige and red
    • Made in South Africa, In Demand Worldwide

      The new Tentickle T3010 and T3011 Fire Retardant Stretch Fabrics that we have created in conjunction with some of South Africa’s top research institutes have been or are currently being certified and tested in the following countries:

      1. Germany (B1)

      2. Spain (M2)

      3. Portugal (M2)

      4. UK (BS 7837:1996)

      5. Australia (AS 1530.2-1993)

      Your Fire Safe Stretch Tent Option

      Our Fire Retardant Tent Fabrics are perfectly suited to any special event or outdoor concert where large crowds are expected. They are fully fire certificated and adhere to the strict fire and safety regulations of most international countries.

      Did you know? Tentickle Bedouin stretch tents made from our fire retardant fabric are often used as smoking lounges at outdoor events. This is because they are the safest possible option in an environment exposed to both cigarettes and open flames.

      For more information regarding our Fire Retardant Stretch Bedouin Tent Fabric please feel free to contact us at Tentickle South Africa.