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Festival Tents - Create a Party and a Profit

While Woodstock might have firmly put festivals on the US party scene, thanks to modern stretch festival tents, festivals have not only become a global phenomenon, but also a profitable and exciting party experience.

Tented Festivals? Tentickle’s Got You Covered

South Africa has always had some of the most epic festivals around, but over the last few years the festival scene has exploded. We don’t think that it is a coincidence that this festival explosion coincides with the expansion of Tentickle Stretch Tents across the country and the rest of the world. Check it out for yourself! Next time you are at a festival look up and chances are you will either see blue skies or a stunning stretch tent.

So what has made our Bedouin inspired Stretch Tents so popular?

We think that the reason why stretch tents have become synonymous with festival tents is not only because of their great looks, but also because of their use of safety and variety.

  • Stretch Festival Tents Look Great

    Over the last few decades most major festivals have pitched stretch tents to cover not only any sound equipment, bands or djs, but more and more events are pitching festivals tents to provide shade and shelter to festival goers or as attractions in their own rights. Because stretch are so versatile they can quickly be shaped to fit into any space, match any theme or accentuate any festival. Combine multiple stretch tents and you can cover virtually any size space! We also offer custom branded tents for that added WOW factor!

  • Stretch Tents Keep You Protected

    While festival tents are certainly stunning, they are not only there for the look! Stretch festival tents provide much need shelter for party goers from the sun’s harmful uv rays, chill spaces where people can catch their breath between gigs and of course coverings for bars, med tents and music equipment. With this in mind, Tentickle’s stretch tents are designed to be uv-resistant, water-resistant and even fire retardant! With all the electrics protected by a stretch tent, not even the rain can stop the party! It is like these tents were made with festivals in mind!

  • Our Stretch Tents and Decor Are Truly Unique

    A stretch tent looks good at a festival, but you know what would look even better? A full range of custom designed stretch decorations and installations! Want to transform the dj booth with stretch decorations, set up a dappled tent in multiple colours, or create a massive stretch fabric attraction? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Tentickle not only has a wide range of existing stretch decor ready for your festival, but our team of expert designers are ready to sit down with you and design the most awesome custom stretch decor to make this year’s festival even better than last year’s!

Play For Profit

With festival tents becoming so popular across the country, many event companies are increasing their profit margins by purchasing their own range of festival tents to offer their clients. But it is not only event companies that are profiting from stretch tents; getting onto the festival scene is becoming an increasingly profitable and enjoyable alternative to the office 9-5!

Our Stretch Tents Have Been There and Done That!

Tentickle has a long history of involvement in the party scene, and we are still highly sought after pitchers for major events not only in South Africa, but around the world! Some of our favorite events include the Love and Light and AfrikaBurn. Internationally we have covered festivals ranging from the Stendhal Festival in Ireland to the Fusion Festival in Germany. Take a look at some of the Staged Events that we’ve done locally for more inspiration.

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