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Smoking area covered by a Stretch tent

Cutting Edge Technology Stretch Tents

The Nomadic Bedouin tents of the Middle East and North Africa are an iconic part of these regions and are still used to this day as special events and function tents all around the globe.

More than just a tent

Cutting edge technology tents fromTentickle are available in a number of colours, but the most ground breaking thing about them is the fire retardant fabric out of which they are made. This Tentickle Fire Retardant Tent Fabric has been tested and certified all around the world, including in Germany, the UK, Australia, Spain and Portugal and is made out of a 3ply Fire Retardant tent fabric that was created exclusively for use with Tentickle Bedouin Tents.

Did you know?

It was through the foresight of our company founder and Managing Director Marco Slunder that the creation of this ground breaking fire retardant tent fabric occurred. This is thanks to the fact that he was willing to defy the odds and invest a huge amount of time and money into developing a stretch tent fabric that many said would never be possible.

Find out more about this fabric on our Fire Retardant Stretch Tent Fabric page on this site.

Stretch Tent Distributors in South Africa

Tentickle Bedouin Tents is one of the largest manufacturers of cutting edge stretch tents in South Africa and as such has an extensive distribution network both within South Africa’s and its neighbouring countries. To find out more about buying or renting a cutting edge stretch fabric Bedouin tent in South Africa please go to the distribution page that is most relevant to you:

Cannot find Your Hometown?

Don’t worry, because we supply and deliver our Bedouin tents to all corners of South Africa. Contact us using the enquiry form at the top of this page and we’ll get right back to you!