Transform your Wedding Venue with a Stretch Tent

Use a Stretch Tent to Transform any Venue

Use a Stretch Tent to Transform any Venue

Imagine the perfect venue for a wedding or event. Now imagine that perfect venue with the addition of a beautiful, organically fluid stretch tent.

Simply by adding a bedouin-inspired stretch tent, you have created a space that is elegant, sophisticated, romantic and full of character. With a stretch tent as an add on to your venue, you can totally transform it into a dream-like setting and you can offer something very special and unique while increasing your venue’s earning capacity at the same time.

With the extra space, you can offer a reception area, a place for a wedding ceremony to take place or simply more space for more guests.

There are so many advantages to investing in stretch tent hire that it would be crazy not to.

Say goodbye to weather worries

Whatever the weather, with a stretch tent you can offer the ideal space for any function or celebration without having the guests’ spirits dampened by the rain. Our stretch tents are 100% waterproof, guaranteeing that everyone will stay dry and happy. The unique way in which our tents are set up and anchored also makes them very sturdy against windy weather too. You can even add side walls which add extra protection against the elements. For those hot summer days a stretch tent provides the perfect shade against the harsh summer sun, and our tents are UV coated for too help prolong the life of the fabric and your investment.

Space to Grow

Adding a stretch tent to your venue, whether it’s a stand-alone tent or one that is secured to an existing building means you can increase the number of guests that you can accommodate for weddings and events. There are no expensive building costs or unforeseen issues that ALWAYS arise from construction. Another added advantage to a stretch tent is that it is semi permanent so you can move it or take it down when necessary.

A stretch tent also means that you can host more than one event at a time – it’s a great way to grow your business.

Especially for You

Stretch tents are customisable. Whatever size or colour you want, you can have. They can be set up to create a unique configuration that works for your specific outdoor space. They can even be branded, so it’s a great opportunity for sponsorship or to advertise your own business.

Safe as Houses

Not only are our tents 100% waterproof as we’ve mentioned, but they are also available in fire retardant fabric.

A Site for Sore Eyes

There is something very special about stretch tents. They are visually arresting. They conjure up a sense of the exotic, the unique and lend themselves to any occasion. Whether you are hosting 50 or 500 guests, a stretch tent really does add to overall atmosphere and ambience of any occasion. You can host a black tie event or a fancy dress party, a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party. The addition of a stretch tent to any venue creates a sensation!

Investing in stretch tents adds value not only to the venue, the business but also to prospective guests as well. After all, what could set the mood better and be more romantic than a celebration in a bedouin-inspired tent, under the stars? Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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