How To Throw A Truly Epic Year-End Function in 2018

How to Make Your Year-End Function Awesome

How to Make Your Year-End Function Awesome

Say what, it’s June already? Hang onto your hats everyone, because it’s going to be a slippery slope to NYE 2018/19 from here. Speaking of which, let’s talk year-end functions, because like any event planner worth their salt knows, the best summer events are plotted out (and possibly even pre-booked) in winter.

Seriously though – every lacklustre, slightly soul-destroying year-end do you’ve attended in a fluorescent-lit boardroom with sad little snack platters and bad wine was the mistake of a planning committee that left it too late. Sure, budget may have played a role, but if you start early enough and you juggle those numbers cleverly enough, there is always a way to pull together a fun, festive affair that will bolster company morale.

Here are a few of our top tips for throwing an epic year-end function in 2018:

Get Out of the Office

One of the simplest ways to swoosh up any year-end affair is to head outdoors. Get everyone away from their desks and into the fresh air to enjoy some screen-free shenanigans. Sunny SA offers prime-time summer vibes all throughout November and December, bar a few unexpected showers that may throw a spanner in the works. Happily, there are some exceptional stretch tents for rent in South Africa that will cover you for all kinds of weather-related incidentals, including searing heat and unrelenting downpours. Additionally, a tented area gives you more space to play with, and the option of creating a dedicated catering space without crowding everyone. In short – even if you cover the office patio or pitch a tent in the parking lot, just get everyone out of the office already.

Spend Your Budget on Food & Music

Pretty napkins and fancy chairs are all good and well, but you are much better off spending your budget on some great eats and fun beats. Even if you’re going the hot dog route, try to make it something a little out of the ordinary, e.g. set up a gourmet build-your-own-boerie table filled with all sorts of fun toppings. As for the tunes, chances are a string quartet is not going to be to everyone’s liking, so either opt for a live act that will get people on their feet, or secure a DJ who knows how to read a room and will know when to it’s time to switch from radio-friendly oldies to get-down-and-boogie tracks.

Don’t Over-Organise Your Event

Sure, a speech or two is par for the course at a year-end party, but everyone has had a long year, so keep the official stuff to a minimum. Don’t try to shoehorn any team-building activities into the event itinerary – give everyone a chance to relax, mingle and have a little bit of fun. All you really need to do once the event is underway is tell everyone where the loos are and how the food is going to work.

Following these guidelines is a great start if you want to organise a truly memorable 2018 year-end function. For more advice on putting together seamless events and making use of stretch tents for rent in South Africa to your advantage, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months.

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