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Top Tips on Choosing a South African Wedding Date

Wedding Couple Autumn

Choose The Perfect Day For Your Perfect Wedding in South Africa

Over the years, the Tentickle SA team has been involved in the organising and set-up of many weddings – from big, flashy nuptials on polo estates, to intimate backyard celebrations and everything in between. As such, we have quite a bit of insight regarding the building blocks of a well-planned wedding, and by now we know that it all starts with choosing the right date.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wedding for your South African wedding:

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5 Pro Tips for Hosting a Tented Kiddies Birthday Party

Birthday Decorations and Donut on Table

Kiddies Parties Can Be A Walk In The Garden

If there is one thing that has the potential to drive every parent ever so slightly bonkers, it’s the notion of hosting a birthday party at home. Having ten or more children running around (hopped up on birthday treats!) is hard on the house. Not to mention the fact that you’re hosting the parents as well, so you can’t just leave everything in shambles to clean up after the fact – you have to maintain a modicum of civility throughout the proceedings at least.

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Tips for a Lovely Al Fresco Christmas in South Africa

Al Fresco Christmas in South Africa

Al Fresco Christmas in South Africa

When you think ‘Christmas’, chances are you’re thinking snow, reindeer, twinkling wreaths and roasted chestnuts. However, down in the southern hemisphere, things are a little different. By the time December 25th rolls around, families in South Africa and other African countries are in the midst of sweltering summer, breaking out the sunscreen and heading to the beach in droves.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Season Survival

Summer is Wedding Season

Summer is upon us which means that weekends are going to spent watching good friends and family say “I do” as they tie the metaphorical knot. Weddings are great fun! They’re the coming together of family and friends to watch two people commit to a lifetime together. They are celebrations of love, dances of desire and a great chance for everyone to dust off their glad rags and enjoy the festivities.

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Our 3 Favourite Places for a Tented Winter Wedding

Stretch Tents Winter Wedding Wonderlands

Stretch Tents Winter Wedding Wonderlands

Traditionally peak wedding season has been during spring and summer, with venues heavily booked up and long waiting lists, this is fast changing. With many couples opting for winter weddings both here in South Africa and overseas the wedding industry has adapted accordingly.

There is no reason today why a winter wedding should not be as beautiful, romantic and comfortable as a summer wedding. We are very lucky in South Africa that we have so many places of such magnificent natural beauty that offer a magical backdrop to any wedding celebration. We are also lucky that some parts of the country offer year round good weather.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Stretch Tent

No matter if you are a party planner in the bushveld, an event planner in Sandton, an advertising agency in Cape Town, a party hire company in Durban or a bar owner in Port Elizabeth, Tentickle Stretch Tents in South Africa have the perfect special events tent structure for you. Not only are the Bedouin inspired tents that we manufacture easy to set up, but they are also manufactured using cutting-edge tent fabric technology. Because of this they offer a safe and comfortable area for people to gather and celebrate, while still looking extremely stylish.

Would you like to know even more about what makes our stretch fabric tents so great? Then take a look at the top 5 reasons why YOU should hire a Tentickle Stretch Tent for your next event below:

1. They Look Good

The Bedouin inspired look of our tents have ensured that they have a truly unique and memorable look to them. They literally have helped to banish the boxy special events marquees of the past and are available in almost any shape, size or colour that you can think of.

Our Stretch Tents will give your event a memorable look

Our Stretch Tents will give your event a memorable look

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Bringing the Party with Events Tents

With spring on its way, we are already starting to see an upswing in the number of party tents that we are hiring out, and of course we know why. From thrilled customers, guests and party planners, Tentickle Tents seems to be the number one stop for party tents.

Tentickle Outdoor Party Tents

When it comes to party planning one of the most difficult things to do is to find the perfect venue. Sure you can just hire the local hall or sports club for your birthday party or anniversary celebration, but too often they lack the right ambiance that your celebration deserves. One of our stretch tents quickly changes this. If you are set on having an inside party, a stretch tent can turn a bring hall into a mystical marquee covered party hall.

Corporate Party under a Tentickle Tent

If course, not all your parties are going to be inside, especially with summer on its way. Garden parties are all the rage right now and underneath a beautiful stretch tent there is nothing that can spoil the party – except running out of drinks.

Tentickle Party Tent at a Wine Farm

But these are not the only reasons why our party tents are so popular at the moment. Sure we have a long list of return customers who had such a great event last year that they want to try and top it this year, as well as guests who saw our tents at a party and now want one of their own, but we also are seeing an increase in party planners and event organisers who have discovered just how easy we can make their lives by taking over the tent design and set aspect of their business.

Find out more about our party tents here.

Intrigued? Looking for a tent to give your next party an extra pizazz? Contact us and one of our designers or tent team and find out just how easy it is to get a stretch tent to transform your next party.

Beer Festivals Aren’t the Same Without a Good Tent

With summer well on its way there is no better way to enjoy the summer heat and gorgeous South African sun than in a beer tent. Of course most people and businesses know this and that is why that around spring you’ll see pubs and bars start opening up their outside areas and covering them with stretch tents to protect their clientele from the harsh summer sun with a high quality stretch tent.

Tentickle – Beer Tent

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World’s Most Unique Inflatable Structures

As Tentickle has ample experience in rigging beautiful structures for semi-permanent installation, we fully appreciate the skill required to produce large public artworks and inflatable sculptures. Here are a few of our favourites that adorn a few skylines around the globe.

Stretch Tent Backdrop

National Museum of Singapore Display
Source: Wikimedia

Coloured balloons don’t only have their place at children’s parties – they are often used to create amazing inflatable sculptures as they contrast well with an urban cityscape or dark skyline. Recently Hong Kong hosted an inflatable sculptures exhibition with Jiakun Architects and Liu Jiakun from China creating a magnificent display of red balloons that had onlookers humming along to Goldfinger’s ‘99 Red Balloons’ in no time.

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Tentickle: History of Bedouin Tents

Tentickle stretch tents have become synonymous with trendy events and quality places, but these tents didn’t come out of thin air!

 A Bedouin Tent

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