Beer Festivals Aren’t the Same Without a Good Tent

With summer well on its way there is no better way to enjoy the summer heat and gorgeous South African sun than in a beer tent. Of course most people and businesses know this and that is why that around spring you’ll see pubs and bars start opening up their outside areas and covering them with stretch tents to protect their clientele from the harsh summer sun with a high quality stretch tent.

Tentickle – Beer Tent

While beer tents might seem perfectly at home in South Africa and we have many great local beer festivals, the most famous beer festival is without a doubt Oktoberfest in Germany. Beginning as an agriculture showcase, the original festival started more than 200 years ago and has continued to grow until it is now on of the largest cultural and beer festival in the world. While South African beer festivals might not be ready to compete with the Germans, we are starting to host some really exciting festivals, ranging from the Bierfest running across the country in spring, the massively popular Cape Town Festival of Beer, and of course several craft beer festivals hosted in Durban and Pretoria.

When it comes to beer festivals, no self-respecting South African would dream of celebrating it indoors and with the scorching South African sun being what it is, having it outside means sunburn and heat stroke. This is where our atmosphere creating stretch tents come in – they are water-resistant, uv-resistant and can withstand even the worst of Cape Town’s winds. Creating a jovial and festive mood in a stretch tent is super easy thanks to Tentickle’s custom tent shapes and designs, or if you are looking to create brand awareness, you can get custom branded and printed tents that are sure to stand out.

Summer Beer Festival

But stretch tents aren’t just for festivals – many savvy pub and restaurant owners create a mini beer garden for their clients. These outdoor areas not only help to create additional space and revenue for business, but they also help to create atmosphere and increase clients’ spending and time spent in the mini garden. The great thing about these coverings is that they can be combined with heater lamps and used in winter as well to protect clients from winter wind and rain.

If you are planning on hosting a festival, no matter how large or small, Tentickle Stretch Tents has the right tent for your needs.

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