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Stretch Bedouin Tent Picture Galleries

Tentickle Stretch tents are used at all kinds of events and in a wide array of settings, providing a powerful base from which to create the perfect function venue.

The gallery pages that we have created for you below showcase how a Tentickle Stretch Tent can out perform the more traditional marquee tents that many South African’s have become accustomed to. Feel free to browse, be inspired and contact us using the form above for help on turning your stretch tent ideas into a reality.

Wedding Tents Gallery

Wedding Tents Gallery

By far the most popular use for our tents is to help create that one perfect day in a couple’s new life together. In fact, our Bedouin Stretch Tents are perfect for use as wedding tents as they can be used to shelter any size event no matter how small and intimate, or large and public a wedding may be. Not yet convinced? Then take a look at our Wedding Tents Gallery and see for yourself!

Staged Events Tents Gallery

Staged Event Tents Gallery

Showcase the best your music, cultural or food festival has to offer with one of our Tentickle Bedouin stretch tents! Designed and manufactured right here in South Africa, these fire retardant tents are perfect for any staged event. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself in our Staged Events Tent Gallery.

Corporate Events Tents Gallery

Corporate Event Tents Gallery

For the perfect corporate event or memorable product launch use a one of our branded Bedouin stretch tent designs. No matter what your corporate colour or logo we can personalise one of our Bedouin tents for you. Have a look at some of our well know corporate clients in our Corporate Events Tent Gallery.

Special Events Tents Gallery

Special Event Tents Gallery

Our Bedouin stretch tents have covered everything from Bar Mitzvahs to to Government Symposiums (and everything else in-between), so it you are looking for the perfect special events tent take a peek at our Special Events Tent Gallery.