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Wedding tables under a Tentickle tent
Wedding tables under a Tentickle tent

Our Factory:

Where we Manufacture our Famous Bedouin Tents

Here at the Tentickle Bedouin Tents Factory, we are proud of our locally produced tents and do everything that we can to ensure that our tents are of the highest quality. From the design process all the way through to the production and the testing process, we work hard to keep Tentickle tents as one of the best stretch tent manufacturers in South Africa.

All our Tents are Designed and Manufactured in South Africa

Our design department not only ensures that our tent fabric is always cutting edge, but also that our tents’ shapes and designs themselves are always evolving so that we can constantly expand our range of Bedouin tents and stretch fabric decor. Our design department is closely involved with the manufacturing process so that we can design and produce new tents and decor quickly for our clients’ exact needs.

Quality Comes First Through our Testing Process

To ensure that all our our tents meet our highest standards, our testing process lasts for 36 hours. During this process, which consists of over 25 different tests, we not only check the tent’s seams and fabric for any flaw no matter how small, but we also have extensive water testing stations to ensure that our tents are waterproof, as well as uniquely designed light testing rooms to ensure that our tents allow through the perfect amount of light.

Each month Tentickle Bedouin Tents’ factory produces enough tents to cover two and a half football fields, easily making us one of the largest Bedouin Tent manufacturers in South Africa and thanks to our extensive testing, we know that our Bedouin tents are always perfect!

Our Team

The Tentickle Tents Team

At our factory, our team are highly trained and part of the design and development process and because we know that we are nothing without the people that have helped us to be where we are today, we invest in our staff to ensure that together we can create the best organic 3-ply stretch tents in the world!

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You can find out more about our manufacturing here, or contactTentickle Bedouin Tents if you would like to know more.

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