Stretch tent visualisation & 3D drawing by Tentickle Tents

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3D Bedouin Tent
3D Bedouin Tent

3D Drawing Service Expands your Vision

Are you having trouble visualising how your stretch tent will look at your venue or in your space?

We offer our clients expert stretch tent design and rendering by our in-house technical drawer to create immersive and detailed 3D renderings of your stretch tent. On request you can included additional environmental details including arrangements of features, lighting and furniture. This produces 3D drawings that can show you just how impressive your stretch tent can look in the event or semi-permanent space.

Maximise the Versatility of Our Stretch Tents

Having a tangible visualisation of how your tent will end up looking, gives you an opportunity to maximise shade coverage, weather blocking and create spaces that you may have not thought of. It can also give you clarity and confidence that your stretch tent will fit exactly before you buy or rent.

Our clients can use our competitively priced 3D drawing services to present the end result and desired effect of our stretch tents to third-parties such as event planners, investors and landlords from whom you might need feedback or permission before setting up one or more of our stretch tents.

In order to truly represent the versatility and variety of ways our tents can be constructed, our gallery of 3D imagery will be freely available for clients to view.

Steps to Get Started

Our affordable 3D drawing and rendering service is high-quality and delivered quickly to you.

In order for our in-house technical drawer to produce an accurate and immersive 3D visual representation 24-48 hours after receipt of payment, please provide us with the following:

  • 2-3 images of the venue/area you are planning on pitching our stretch tent.
  • A top-view sketch or plan with elevations and dimensions of the venue/area that is to be tented. The information is used to plot the positions of the poles. A simple sketch will do fine.
  • Describe in a paragraph (2-3 sentences), what the tent will be used for and what you want placed under it (stage, ceremony seating, bar, exhibition space etc.).
  • If you require branding, specific coloured tents or additional details, please provide example imagery where possible.

We have received some great feedback from our clients regarding our 3D drawing service, keeping our designer very busy with interesting projects from around the world. Get in touch with us to take advantage of this new service!